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520 in the Adelaide Hills

The sole workable survivor awaits restoration by Steamranger at its Mt. Barker depot.  It’s number 520, first of the 520 class of streamlined, South Australian designed and built, large steam passenger loco’s.  Designed as a fast engine capable of running on light tracks, 520 and I were born on the same day in 1943 when WWII prevented the importing of overseas equipment.

Framed size about 60cms x 77cms.

Intended as a donation to Steamranger, for fundraising.

Boulevard St. Germain, Paris, France

55 x 43

One of the main thoroughfares of this beautiful city, flanked by offices and apartment buildings.

I perched on my folding stool on the footpath to paint this as the office workers hurried by early one morning.

We often ate in this café on the corner.

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Blue Hill Bay, Maine, USA

49 x 59

A beautiful bay at the foot of a stunning town of white weatherboard two-story houses straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

This is a pretty rocky coastline where the tidal range is huge.

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Skipton Canal, Yorkshire, England

60 x 77

A peaceful stretch of water curving round behind the ancient castle and reaching a dead-end, but who cares?

It used to serve some long-forgotten industrial purpose and now it’s maintained just for the tourists.

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