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Eilean Donan

Eilean Donan is a tiny island with a castle whose origins go back to the 13th century. It sits at the junction of three sea-lochs in the Scottish Highlands, the principal loch being Kyle of Lochalsh. We were there in 2017, as also was a British jet fighter that flew down the Loch at treetop altitude at maybe 800 kph, leaving everyone quivering for the next 15 minutes.

48cms x 60cms approx. inc. frame

Lancelot Pub

Lancelot’s the town that never was. It was laid out in the late 1800’s, the pub and a few minor buildings were built, and it stopped right there. My great grandfather was the licensee, and my maternal grandfather, aged 2, fell into the underground tank below the kitchen floor and nearly drowned. Fortunately, the kitchen staff were quick off the mark and pulled him out again. Today the ruins of the pub sit on private land about 15 kilometres from Peterborough.

Approx. 86cms x 67cms inc. frame.


The Bank, Jamestown S.A.

The Bank, Jamestown, S.A.

One of several superb bank buildings in this very pleasant mid-North town, displaying the solidity and dependability that attracts customers still.

Painted mostly on site and refined in the studio.
Approximate size inc. frame, 46cms x 57cms.

Old Shed Cavanagh 1

Old Shed at Cavanagh 1

The same derelict shed as in “Old Shed at Cavanagh 2”, but from a different angle.   Harry, friend of a friend, took us here after a barbecue one day, to show us the old house that’s just to the left of this picture.

Painted in the studio from a photograph taken by me.

Approximate size framed, 46cms x 57cms.