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Lancelot Pub

Lancelot’s the town that never was. It was laid out in the late 1800’s, the pub and a few minor buildings were built, and it stopped right there. My great grandfather was the licensee, and my maternal grandfather, aged 2, fell into the underground tank below the kitchen floor and nearly drowned. Fortunately, the kitchen staff were quick off the mark and pulled him out again. Today the ruins of the pub sit on private land about 15 kilometres from Peterborough.

Approx. 86cms x 67cms inc. frame.


Lill’s House

This is the house once occupied by Lill, who worked with her late husband on this grazing property near Peterborough, South Australia. Nowadays it’s a storage-place for farm equipment, still remarkable for the way it’s grown out of the earth. Its stones, the lime and sand in the mortar, and probably even the roof timbers all came from less than a mile away. It was only the nails and the galvanized iron for the roof that had to be bought.
50cm x 61cm