My Spring 2022 Exhibition at Bremerton Wines

More South Australia in Watercolour

Welcome to this new page, blatant publicity for my Spring Exhibition at Bremerton Wines, Langhorne Creek, South Australia.

The exhibition opens on Sunday October 9th at 2.00pm, and runs every day, 10.00am to 5.00pm, until Sunday October 30th.

I hope you’ll enjoy these pictures and Bremerton’s superb wines.  No-one’s paying me to say that, but I’m doing it because I love their gorgeous, rich reds and their beautiful whites. You might also care to stay for a light lunch, but an on-line booking’s always a good idea.


  1.  Balgowan Sunset

Balgowan’s on the Western shores of Yorke Peninsula, and a favoured fishing spot for those with a rod and a tinny.  In the late afternoon the setting sun makes the cliffs glow.

77cms x 59cms inc. frame    $580-00


2.  Coffee Pot

‘Coffee Pot’ is the tiny steam-powered railway carriage of the Pichi Richi railway running out of Quorn.

46cms x 55 inc. frame   $350-00   SOLD


3.  Cohen School

Just off the Eyre Highway, a few kilometres west of Penong, lies all that’s left of the Cohen School, a one-room building opened in 1933 with Miss Norton and nine students.  The school closed in 1940.

75cms x 57 inc. frame.    $580-00


4.  Holowilena Track

Holowilena’s a sheep station of 300 square miles between Cradock and Hawker.  This was the view towards the homestead from our campsite last year.

72cms x 55 inc. frame    $600-00    SOLD


5.  Cudlee Creek Shed 1

Its future doesn’t look good.  There’s no way I’d venture inside.

74cms x 57 inc. frame    $600-00


6.  Max’s Cows

This is the view from our South-facing windows and it’s the reason we bought our land and built a house on it.

74cms x 56 inc. frame    $600-00


7.  The Old McLeod Place

Formerly the home of three McLeod sisters who market-gardened and farmed here in the early 1900’s.  Now owned by friends who allowed us to camp in the grounds.

74cms. x 56 inc. frame   $600-00


8. Melrose Rainbow

We camped here, just off the road, one wintry day.   Mount Remarkable was there, hiding in the clouds behind.

55cms. x 46 inc. frame.    $400-00


9. Old Farm near Balaklava

It’s on the road between Balaklava and Port Wakefield.  Once loved, but now absorbed into a bigger property.

72cms x 55 inc. frame    $600-00    SOLD


10. Piccadilly Ruin 2

You wouldn’t attempt to live in this tiny slab hut, but the chimney suggests that someone might have, once.

71cms x 55 inc. frame    $600-00    SOLD


11. Piccadilly Ruin 1

Not long after I painted this, it fell down, at least that’s what I’m told.

55cms x 45 inc. frame    $400-00    SOLD


12. Port Vincent

Directly across the gulf from Adelaide, it’s a favourite holiday spot.  I painted this from a sketch I’d done, sitting outside the beach cafe with several pairs of eyes looking on, through the window behind me.

55cms x 45 inc. frame    $400-00    SOLD


13. Ambridge

It’s one of our favourite roses in the garden.  I’d never painted roses before, not up close like this.

48cms x 42 inc. frame    $380-00


14. Rapid Bay

It’s on the Fleurieu Peninsula, south of Adelaide, where there used to be some heavily rusted fishing shacks.  They seem to have rusted away completely, leaving just the jetty.

55cms x 46 inc. frame    $400-00


15. Apricot Nectar

Another favourite from the garden.

54cms x 45 inc. frame    $380-00


16. Bush Track

Somewhere in the Flinders Ranges, I think, but I really have no idea.  I liked the challenge of painting the sunlight coming towards us between the trees, and the reflections in the puddle.

55cms x 45 inc. frame    $400-00


17. Cudlee Creek Shed 2

A neighbour of the other Cudlee Creek shed, and slightly safer I think.

73cms x 57 inc. frame    $600-00


18. Amy Gillett

The bikeway’s often in fog early on a winter’s day.  It’s named for Amy Gillett, a champion Adelaide rower and cyclist who was killed in Germany in 2005 when a car collided with her bike.  I’m glad her name lives on.

54cms x 45    $400-00    SOLD


19. Bremer Valley

A view we see on the road to Langhorne Creek.

71cms x 55 inc. frame    $600-00    SOLD


20.   Charleston Blue Gum

A eucalypt typical of many in the paddocks near our house.

45cms x 55 approx.  inc. frame.    $400-00    SOLD


21   Country Shops

A couple of shops in Yongala, a Northern SA country town, except that the building on the right isn’t actually there.   I put it in to fill a space.

55cms X 45 approx., inc. frame    $400-00    SOLD

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