Lill’s House


This is the house once occupied by Lill, who worked with her late husband on this grazing property near Peterborough, South Australia. Nowadays it’s a storage-place for farm equipment, still remarkable for the way it’s grown out of the earth. Its stones, the lime and sand in the mortar, and probably even the roof timbers all came from less than a mile away. It was only the nails and the galvanized iron for the roof that had to be bought.
50cm x 61cm

Peterborough Property

This is the largest watercolour I’ve done so far, at slightly more than 160 cms. long and 84cms. high. It’s a view of a sheep grazing property a few kilometres North-East of Peterborough, South Australia, showing the typical red soil and dry grass of the area. I love this countryside, and so it was a pleasure to paint.


Cavanagh Ruin

An abandoned farmhouse at Cavanagh, a dry place of very low rainfall north-east of Peterborough, South Australia, suitable only for grazing. There’s nothing left of Cavanagh but the name and a few derelicts like this one. I painted this one in the studio from a series of photographs, using a good deal of artistic licence.

Size, framed, about 96cm x 76cm.

Dusk, Halong Bay

Halong Bay;  anyone who visits Vietnam should see Halong Bay, and stay overnight on a junk, as we did.  We sat here, watching the colour of the sky becoming slowly deeper, and the forested limestone pinnacles disappearing into the mist, as one lone fisherman puttered home.  The red sails belonged to another overnight junk.


Halong Bay Dusk small