Fishing Boats, Robe, S.A.

Fishing Boats, Robe, S.A.
Fishing Boats, Robe, S.A.

These three high-speed boats, lighter, faster and rougher-riding than the older wooden ones, are part of the large fishing fleet at Robe.  It’s not that I know so much about boats.  I don’t, but the owner of a wooden boat gave me the good oil.   The yellow thing is the “Travel-Lift” that carries the boats and lowers them into the harbour.

St. John’s Road, Trees

Hill Road Trees small

A row of poplars or something similar, with the low winter sun shining through and casting shadows across the road, with bright green farmland beyond.   This is in Oakley, Hampshire, in the U.K., where our daughter and her family lives.



Dusk, Halong Bay

Halong Bay;  anyone who visits Vietnam should see Halong Bay, and stay overnight on a junk, as we did.  We sat here, watching the colour of the sky becoming slowly deeper, and the forested limestone pinnacles disappearing into the mist, as one lone fisherman puttered home.  The red sails belonged to another overnight junk.


Halong Bay Dusk small