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Pekina Store


The tiny northern town of Pekina has this store and a pub and a handful of houses, that’s all. I sat on the roadside opposite to paint this one on a glorious summer’s day amidst a few flies, the aroma of gum leaves and just the sounds of the bush.

Vee read a book and Phoebe (Golden Retriever and most important member of the family) snored at my feet.

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Jacka’s Brewery 1

46 x 57

It’s a well-known landmark in the mid-north town of Melrose.

Originally a flour mill, it went broke and became the Jacka Brothers’ brewery just after the Great War.

Then the Jackas also had to bail out during the Great Depression when the local pubs extended too much credit to their customers and found they couldn’t pay the brewery.

I painted the roadside picture early one morning and the Council’s road gang kindly took their massive grader elsewhere until I’d finished.

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Armfield Slip, Goolwa SA


Where wooden boats have been built and repaired for goodness-knows how long.

Currently it’s the home of a bunch of retirees who meet every week, who chat, drink coffee, build and repair wooden boats.

This boat’s seen almost as many summers as I have, and is still used regularly.


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